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All of these upgrades are made possible due the many contributions through visitors and Koin purchases!
Thanks so much for your continued support of IwantISK.com and expect to see some awesome and original updates.

CURRENT FEATURES (all implemented but not all released yet)
- Walking, jumping, shooting
- Menu Control
- Sub-menu screen (enter)
- Powerups
- Minimap
- Secret Rooms
- Enemies PVE
- Spaceships
- Save / Load

- Upgradable Base
- Loot Processing Room
- Trophy / Achievement room
- Charm room
- Power plant
- Shops in your home base!
- Visit other's shops!
- Wild lakes and private lakes to breed monster fish
- Wild and personal mines
- Many base upgrades for residual income
- Turn based ship PVP with crews and pilots
- Combining loot will have incentives
- Secret unlockable rooms for your base
- Travel in your ship to other planets with different slots that drop different loot
- Skills that level up
--- fishing
--- mining
--- combat
--- farming
--- crafting
--- ship command
--- crew command
--- and much more!
Lots more planning and coding to come!!
- Eep Eep =]