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Leader Boards Added!

Ver: 1.953b
Date: October 18, 2018

Hello all!

We have added some new leaderboards that will definitely be increasing competition across the site. They are not as easy to get as the others and require a bit more thought to climb.

- Items Crafted: When you craft items now, the quantity of items you craft will increase this score.

- Jackpots Popped: Every time you pop a jackpot you increase your score by 1.

- Wealthiest: Wealthiest players are now scored. The wealthest player gets 500 points per minute. Second wealthiest gets 495 points per minute. 100th wealthiest player gets 5 points per minute. Only the top 100 wealthiest players are scored every minute.

- Biggest Bank: Maintaining a big bank account increases your score for this leader board. The scoring is similar to "Wealthiest" above.

Good luck all and have fun!

We are creating an MMO at the moment that will be heavily based on OSC.

Leaderboard and Subscriptions Fixed

Ver: 1.952b
Date: May 28, 2018

Hello all!

We have a few changes to mention about the site, the leaderboards and the subscription system.

We have now lowered the maximum user name from 25 characters to 14 characters.

Subscriptions have been modified as we are removing the daily promo system. Instead we have taken all of the ISK you would normally get on a monthly basis and given it to you hourly automatically! No need to claim promos every day There will still be promos here and there but not as a main source of income. Free to play promos will still exist. On top of that we nearly doubled the amount of ISK you would normally get monthly, making subs much more worthwhile. Check out the "Buy Koins" page for more information!

Leaderboard prizes have been increased drastically. For the top prize, instead of 500 trillion you now receive 10 quadrillion, a $250 value! Even better, second place receives 9 quadrillion, third receives 8 quadrillion, 7th receives 7 quadrillion etc. This should make for a lot more competition for the top prize!

We should see more changes as we progress towards the release of an upgraded raffle system and some more features for slots.
Banker Steve Arrives

Ver: 1.951b
Date: February 28, 2018

Hello All!

A new NPC has arrived, Steve the Banker! Make sure to check out his bank under the Explore tab in the main menu! The Interstellar Koin Bank (IKB) offers interest depending on your account size! On top of that there is a Accumulative Rakeback Account, which sets aside a percentage of the house rake from every play you make. You can then purchase this Rakeback for $2.99. There is no limit to how long the Rakeback pool lasts or how much ISK the rakeback climbs to. You can check for both accounts in the bank!

Soon we will display a player's bank rank in the wealthiest list as well!
Raffles Drop loot!

Ver: 1.950b
Date: February 19, 2018

Hello All!

Just a small update log for the recent changes that have already been applied to the website. We've had a few new slot achines with easy to pop jackpots! These new machines include loot toO! Elementals and Super Shrooms 2!

Raffles now also drop loot! Soon they will also display what loot has been dropped for whome, however as of now raffles drop random loot depending on the ticket price for each raffle. The best loot will be dropped by the 1.5q bundles with only 12 entries, where tickets are priced high.

Stellar pool results now more correctly show winnings, before the winnings would overflow into the background of the page, now font size has been reduced.

Good luck all and have fun!
Crafting Simplified + More

Ver: 1.949b
Date: February 10, 2018

Hello all!

Here to introduce a few upgrades that have happened since our last update post. Lots of new goodies and lots of fixes to the crafting and inventory systems.

-- Sitewide
1) For mobile, fixed issue where dropdown menus would disappear when you would click them. We can thank Unrealx Avuli for this fix.
2) Auto Avatars. For new players that join the site, we have created 62 avatars that will be randomly applied to new accounts. These avatars can still be changed but are a big step towards being more user friendly.

-- Slot Machines
1) Deep Terrors 2 now drops loot! A much awaited update. Now it should be easier to collect higher tiered fish! Good luck!
2) Levels required for slots have been reduced and may further be reduced in the future to help new players have more slots to choose from as they level up.
3) Welcome aboard a new slot machine! A temporary one at that. Valentines slots! Good luck on this easy to pop jackpot!

-- Crafting
1) We have sped up crafting by reducing the time it takes to send an item to the crafting table by 1 second. This is a big change when you consider juts how many clicks you do per craft.
2) Max craft has been introduced. You should see a little link under the "Craft" button that says "SET MAX". This link will automatically set the max you can craft for the current item being viewed. A great asset for crafters!

One we go with many more updates and new features! Hope you all are enjoying the site as much as we are enjoying producing it! Keep in mind, we are still beta!
Rebrand + Item Changes

Ver: 1.948b
Date: February 05, 2018

Hello all!

Just wanted to report that we've made a few upgrades on the site.

- Inventory
Inventory has been improved. Crafting times have been reduced and NPC sales in your inventory page have been turned into real time sales, this means the page will not reload when you are selling items.

- Site Rebrand
The site's name is being changed from I Want ISK to Outer Space Casino! Along with this change comes a new logo! We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making the change.

On we go to make further changes that will make the site easier to use and more fun to play! Good luck and have fun!
All Items Added!

Ver: 1.947b
Date: February 01, 2018

Hello all!

A few updates that have been made to the site that are worthy of mention. Some new slots, added all items and scaled scratchers. Read more about this below!

- All Items Added
All original 701 items have been added to inventory. The final item can now be crafted and is worth well over 7 quadrillion ISK! We wont mention the actual value :) There will, at some point in the future, be more items that will have their own hierarchy.

- Unmetered Slots
Slots now have a different scale at which their jackpots rise when not played by anyone for 60 seconds. The scale change lowered the amounts that slots rise every minute.

- Three New Slots
New slots include Encounters of the Third Kind, Pirate Invasion, and Classic Slots. Some of these are just returning slots but are now the most expensive slots on the site.

- Main Menu changes
The main menu has changed in order to help new users navigate more easily and understand what each section of the site does. This will also help old players by organizing things in a more understandable fashion. This new menu also leaves areas available for us to add more content without making the menu more complex.

- Scratchcards Scaled Up
Scratchers are now 100x more expensive than before and their prizes are also x100 than before. This change was done in order to help big players that amass trillions of tokens and don't want to spend an hour scratching cards.

- Craft Times Scaled Down
Craft times have been reduced to 10% of their original times and again to 50% of that. This change was done in order to help users craft items faster and get them sold more quickly. This will also increase play on smaller slots, especially since new items require low tiered ingredients to craft. This should make it much more valuable to craft up your lower level items and make them more valuable.

New Unmetered Jackpots

Ver: 1.946b
Date: January 17, 2018

Hello all!

The website has an exciting new feature for slot machines that allows players to actually earn ISK from slot machines!

Essentially, each slot machine that isn't played for 1 minute will have it's jackpot automatically increased! This is not part of the odds math and so it means that you can beat the house when playing on machines with an over-inflated jackpot!

Once you start playing on a slot machine the jackpot will no longer increase automatically. In order to make it increase automatically you must stop playing it for at least 60 seconds.

Currently, slot machines under 1 trillion ISK will increase by 2% per minute while slot machines that are over 1 trillion will increase by 0.2% per minute. This is subject to change as time goes on.

Good luck to everyone!
Update to referrals and subscriptions

Ver: 1.945b
Date: December 11, 2017

Hello all!

The website has undergone a few changes to help bring in some traffic. We have increased the amount of ISK you can earn from referring people. We have increased the amount from 3.5% to 10% for tier 1 referrals. Tier 2 through tier 5 have also been increased. Referring has never been more lucrative!

We have also increased the amount that subscribed users receive hourly by x5. Now instead of receiving 10 billion per hour, you receive 50b per hour for the smallest subscription. The biggest subscription gains 200b an hour for a whopping 144 Trillion ISK a month!
These updates are set in place to improve the user experience and match the current scale of purchasable ISK.

Update to inventory!

Ver: 1.942b
Date: November 12, 2017

Hello All!

Just noting some new updates that can both be seen and not seen! Both updates are on the inventory. Essentially, some of the code for the inventory system has been updated to cause less bugs to those that might have experienced them.

The second this is you can now see your total items and total ISK value of said items in the inventory page at the bottom right! Now you can show off your ISK value in the chat room!

Good luck all! Onward!
Stellar / Infinite Update!

Ver: 1.941b
Date: November 06, 2017

Hello All!

Just some patch notes on a small update to the stellar pool system. It now takes 1,000,000,000,000 (TRILLION) ISK spent to gain 1 entry into the pool. This makes it harder on everyone to gain entries yet also helps the CPU handle the process of the pool much more quickly and smoothly.

Good luck to all on the pools!
Inventory Upgrade!

Ver: 1.94b
Date: November 05, 2017

Hello All!

Just running by some updates to the code for IWantISK.com. Mostly this update improves the inventory but also makes some critical site changes.

- Permanently Changed Purchased ISK amounts to x3.
- Made it harder to achieve achievements for raffles, awards scaled respectively.

- Selling items is now easier! Sell to NPC field is now set to your current max quantities of said item.
- Inventory now highlights items that you currently are capable of crafting.

- Added new raffles. Varying quantities up to 250 Trillion ISK. These can bundle up to 1.5 Quadrillion ISK bundles.

More changes to come as we improve upon our new site, bidlucky.com, and connect it to IWantISK.com!
Pathes and Slots

Ver: 1.935b
Date: May 17, 2017

Hello All!

Just catching you up on the most recent changes and updates to occur to IWantISK.com as well as new content.

- Changed stellar pool from 100m per entry to 500m per entry.
- Changed orbital junkyard 2 to have planks and rubber seeds instead of two stacks of poop.
- Added new slots: Space Cacti.
- Added new slots: Bit Bot 2.
- Added new slots. Planetarium 2.

- Made it so lifetime sold to NPC lists exists
- Made it so past monthly amounts sold to NPC exists.
- Created monthly and lifetime leaderboards for amount crafted.
- Made it so past monthly amounts crafted exists.
- Show new monthly and lifetime stats in personal stats. Sold to NPC and Item value crafted.
- Fixed issue recording lifetime ISK won rather than lifetime sold to NPC.
- Added code to reward players for top value crafted monthly.

- Redirect all traffic to non-www address so shop links don't log you out.

Hope you all lots of luck and expect new features to continue to come to IWantISK, including new games and updates to 2.0!

Cheers! o/
Catching up all changes

Ver: 1.93b
Date: May 01, 2017

Hello All!

This will be a vague, catch-all change log due to the amount of changes that have happened.

New Features:
-Inventory System
Slots now drop loot that can be found in your inventory. This loot can be used to craft other loot. Every single time you craft you increase the overall price of the item, guaranteeing that crafting will always make items more valuable.

-Crafting System
Players can now craft items using other items acquired from playing on slots. Crafting always increases the value of your items so craft whenever possible!

Put your items up for sale in the shop! Some pay more than NPC price since the items can be increased in value through crafting.

-NPC Sales
Sell your loot to the website in your inventory page.

-Premium Promos
Every mail sent out with promos now will also contain Premium Promos, claimable only by those with subscribed accounts. Any size subscription works!

Lots of small changes occurred in every new feature as it was being implemented. Too many to display here!

From now on, any new changes will instantly be added here in the change log in order to help players understand what is happening.

We have also been re-branding and re-coding IWI 2.0 to a whole new domain! Keep an eye out for updates of that matter.

Fixed an interesting bug allowing a player to claim achievement loops over and over with a speed claim script. This caused achievements to award more than once for that player. This bug has been patched.

Good luck to all and have fun! Expect more updates!
New slots, tweaks, and 2.0 progress.

Ver: 1.925b
Date: January 18, 2017

Hello All!

Lots of lots of tedious work in this update. Mostly for 2.0 though! Migration of change log to wiki.

Raffle Changes
- Fixed a bug where doubles were showing up incorrectly in raffles. Aesthetic bug.

- Two new slot machines.
- Super Mushrooms, one of the most difficult to pop machines with huge common prizes.
- Food Frenzy, an easy to pop slot machine with high spin risk and huge easy to get prizes.

IwantISK.com 2.0
- Created character stats screen.
- Designed the character system math and scales.
- Added stats to species foundation for character creation.
- Created stats sheet in an automated fashion for easy addition of skills in the future.
- Created species in a way where admin can easily create new species.
- Created character creation with the focus on multiple languages using the website.
- Created 100+ skills with unique icons.
- Designed experience bar and filler for skills.
- Gave each species unique starter stats.
- Developed databases for base character stats.
- Created an extremely efficient system to query all 10,000 level requirements for each player.
- Logged all 10,00 level requirements and stats into database with script.
- Created an extremely efficient character creation section with only one query to database.
- Tested character stats screen for bugs upon creation All is well.

Site Changes
- Leaderboard prizes have been increased dramatically.
- This change log will soon migrate to our website IWIwiki.com!

Work on 2.0 is progressing very quickly but it still is a lot of work. No ETA yet on 2.0 but I am hoping to have something that can be looked at within a month!
Tweaks and changes

Ver: 1.922b
Date: December 30, 2016

Hello All!

We have made some pretty awesome changes on this update. Some new slots, raffles and achievements re-scaled and some upgrades to 2.0.

Raffle Changes
- Raffles have been re-scaled to a higher amount.
- Raffles of 500 Billion ISK can now also bundle up to 3 Trillion ISK!
- Raffle quantity reduced to 24. This will stop the bouncing of raffles which made some people buy into the wrong raffle.
- Raffle achievements have been re-scaled to be harder to achieve and awards more when achieved.
- Bundle chance increased. One in 10 raffles becomes a bundle.

- A new slot machine has come out! Deep Terrors.
- This slot machine has an easy to pop jackpot!
- Increased prizes on Ammo Cache & Alien fruits Slots slightly.

IwantISK.com 2.0
- Character creation is being worked on and avatars will not be a part of 2.0.
- Registration improved with Google reCaptcha to reduce bot registrations.

- Scratchcards have been re-scaled to be bigger. The prize chances did not change but the prize amounts got much much bigger at a proportionate expense increase for each scratcher.

Site Changes
- The Claim-All button has been added so you no longer have to claim prizes one at a time!

Work continues on 2.0 and I have been focusing more on that than 1.0 now :) Wait till you all see what is coming!
Registrations Rererelease

Ver: 1.920b
Date: November 27, 2016

Hello All!

Registrations have finally been released again and the referral system is fully functional for the world!

Now that you are a part of a group of initial players, you have the opportunity to refer the most people to the site! Take advantage and don't have any regrets!

You should also have the ability to reset your forgotten password if you have an email account setup with your account. If you do not yet have an e-mail account set up you will soon have the option to add this to your current account or contact us at [email protected]

You are able to use your referral link which can be found under dashboard->referrals.

A few other changes including upgrading the site entirely to a whole new level of bytes per account as we are dealing with bigger numbers.

Go forth and build your referral army as in the future of the site, ISK will be worth much more and there will be more incentive to have ISK. Referrals can also be used as crew!

The way referrals work is that when a user clicks on your link, a cookie is saved that marks you as their referrer for up to 1 month even if they leave the site and come back form another person's referral link.

All old referral links are all still very functional! Happy referring all!
Various Updates

Ver: 1.919b
Date: November 21, 2016

Hello all we are here for another great update to IWantISK.com
Some good changes have been made and preparations for future games are underway.
First, I must say, I can't believe how much support IWantISK.com has received.
Now on to the updates!

Some of these updates came a while ago but I am only now stating them in these logs.

- Added Home Base. - can be found under 'Coming Soon' in the "Games" dropdown.
- Home Base is name pending.
- You can't currently collect the 'E' tank in the Home Base.
- Home base will contain lots of features for you to generate free Inter Stellar Koins! (ISK)
- Mobile App arcade games being worked on for free means of ISK generation.
- Added new slots to site that are scaled in unique ways.
- Some new slots re-use achievements of old slots so you may notice some achievement score in new machines.
- Added a few new items to raffles (advanced generator, gravity engine)
- Removed 2 rows of raffles that were rarely played on as they were too small.
- Re-scaled scratchcards to x1,000. We didn't change the odds, just the cost and the prizes proportionately.
- Changed character images on slots and raffles.

- Removed all CCP based assets.
- Updated terms of service and asked users to agree to updated terms.
- Changed image in index page from raffles to slots.

Reminder, none of the odds across the site have been changed. This means they remain exactly as they did when it was part of EVE online. The reason I mention this is I don't want anyone to think that certain parts of the site are more favorable now. The odds are still for the house at 2%.

Progress on 2.0
- Registration Method security update.

Next planned upgrades:
- Registration 1.0
- Character addition 2.0
- New slots
- Junk Box 1.0 / 2.0
- Preset Avatars
- Subscriptions 1.0 / 2.0
- Upgrades to Home Base (Free ISK Generation)

Thanks for playing I Want ISK!
- Eep Eep
Avatars Taking Over!

Ver: 1.918b
Date: October 30, 2016

Hello all o/

The avatar system is about 90% complete. The only thing left to complete is the stellar pool results which should be happening very soon .

- "The Wealthiest" leader board now only shows accounts with avatars.
-- Upload yours under the "Character" option in the "Dashboard" dropdown menu.
- Leader boards now show avatars.
- Slot machines now show avatars.
- Changed around the scale of raffles that appear.
- Added one new item to raffles. Advanced Generator.

The next step involves improvements on the registration process to allow outside users to register. I will also be improving the promo system and only allowing one account to claim a promo, meaning one person won't be able to claim the same promo on 20 different accounts but this may come out a bit later as it isn't entirely important just yet.

Cheers and onward! Can't wait to show you all what I have in store for you :) I am still working on making sure the site does not get inflated with too much ISK so I am working on ways to help introduce ISK sinks.
Farewell EVE Online

Ver: 1.91b
Date: October 25, 2016

Hello all o/

Well, EVE online has now disallowed gambling sites connecting to EVE online. This change came with an instant ban of IWantISK and seizure of all assets as you may already know. This claim was false but what are you going to do right?

Now to the more technical side of things.

- Changed stellar pool to require 50m per entry rather than 20m as the infinite pool was causing issues with all the extra entries.
- Removed all CCP based images from raffles and slots. There may be a few here and there remaining but those are to be removed once discovered.
- Created a mew slot machine. The most expensive to date with a 45m per spin toll. This machine is called Plundered Treasure. A treasure chest themed machine.
- Change raffles around to adapt with the influx of users using billions of PROMO ISK.
- Added a wealthiest leader board to the top of the website.
- Added ability to purchase Promo Koins on the website.
- Removed 1,250 lines of code for IWI 2.0 that were used for banking and EVE related API mechanisms.
- Work on avatar creation still underway and should launch upon our next update.
- Created a snapshot of the old IWI server right after the ban so that we can refund any real ISK if CCP decides to allow it.

Also, for anyone that does not know, I was never banned for RMT, rather, I was banned for profiting as a business be it from ads or donations. They assume I profited that is. Eep Eep's account is still active and I even did some x games in Jita local. However, I rarely played EVE online anymore and I haven't really logged on anymore. I do not respect CCPs decisions and actions and they will not receive any more activity from me.

Cheers and lets get IWI 2.0 finished!

Some upcoming features for 2.0 are;
- Advanced Slots
- Better raffles
- Junk box (for synthesizing items)
- The Grid
- Ways to earn ISK for free.
- Free Spin for ISK.
- Player controlled cities.
- Your own shops to sell loot!
- Skills for characters to increase stats.
- Trading and battles.
- Tournaments
- Much more!

Good luck all and expect some cool stuff coming soon! Thanks for all the purchases too! It really motivates me to continue making something fun of IWI.
Great changes now and ahead!

Ver: 1.9b
Date: October 12, 2016

Hello all o/

Lots of changes have been happening behind the scenes that most will not notice but some might ;). There has also been lots of progress on IWI 2.0's foundation which will be used to handle all aspects of the entire site, including games.

We also bid farewell to ISK IRON BANK.

Changes are as follows:
- Throttled slot machines for those that spin slots on over 10 tabs at once, causing slots to slow down for said players but does not change the odds in any way. The speed change is virtually unnoticeable.
- EVE Online's In-Game browser had bid it's final appearance and is now gone from the game. We have transitioned the registration process and password recovery process to a hybrid of 2.0's registration system. You should also now be able to recover a character you may have purchased on the bazaar or even fix your account after you biomass your character and re-create him with the same name.

Lots of updates have come along for IWI 2.0 as well!.
- Login & Registration system
- Garbage collection system
- Character dashboard
- Secure control of non-essential site functions for bankers
- Efficient user table for mass users
- Admin control panel
- Banker Application System
- Email verification registration
- General Logs and Error logs for better tracking
- Multiple methods of character registration

A lot more work is being done to 2.0 but not all is being revealed! Stay tuned! Cheers!
- I Want ISK
Stellar Doubled

Ver: 1.82b
Date: March 06, 2016

Hello all o/

The Stellar and Infinite pool have had the amount of prizes doubled! This means that instead of 60 prizes you can now win up to 120 prizes! The awards have been re-scaled fairly among all tiers.

Hope you all win! Eep Eep is now more active and you should start seeing more updates coming up!

- I Want ISK
Exploit Fix

Ver: 1.81b
Date: February 25, 2016

Hello all o/

Recently an exploit was discovered that allowed a user to buy a random ticket after changing the quantity to a decimal number. Example: 0.000000001

This allowed a person to buy a random ticket from a raffle while paying 0 ISK. This, however, caused raffles to lock up because the quantity was changed to such a low number (0.00000001) that the quantity of tickets sold did not rise when tickets were purchased. This caused raffles to not award.

This exploit did not offer an advantage other than limitless ISK. It did however cause some players to get charged for entries into raffles that really had no entries left. Any ISK lost in this manner will be refunded to all entrants.

This exploit caused relatively no damage and was only used for about 1 hour. The person walked away with very little ISK totaling around 10 billion. No user accounts were damaged, server access was never breached, and no information was leaked.

Expect Eep to come out of hiatus in March!
Changes and updates to site

Ver: 1.8b
Date: August 18, 2015

Hello all o/

My stomach issue has almost entirely disappeared! Well not disappear exactly but it has been slowly going away with a veggie diet and it seems to be gone. This means I have been able to code!

- Fixed registration process, disallowing multiple accounts with the same name but different character IDs to register. In order to register a character with the same name (usually after a biomass) You will have to contact us directly to delete your old character with the exact same name.
- Purged some user accounts that were over 1 year old. 32k accounts deleted freeing up a ton of CPU!
- Fixed some typo's incorrectly displaying 1 in 20 raffles duplicating when it is actually 1 in 10.
- Added a locking mechanism to banking system to disallow bankers from processing deposits within 1 minute of the automatic API. (to deter duplicate deposits)
- Fixed slider buy button that allows you to purchase a percentage of the raffle tickets available. It now doesn't say that there are not enough entries left when there indeed are enough entries left.
- Worked on garbage collection and it is about 40% complete. Garbage collection will help the site with handling the big rush of traffic that comes from promo ISK.
- Changed raffle duplicates to be awarded at the end of the raffle to help reduce the confusion some players had that made them believe they didn't receive their duplicate reward since users would claim their prizes before the raffle would end and then when the raffle would end the user would see their face twice on the raffle but they would not see two prizes in their claimable prizes.
- Scale of raffles changed. more small and medium raffles and a few less large raffles will show up. This may be further changed while we determine which raffles have been played more often.

The Grid:
- No work has progressed on the grid at this time as I have just returned from being sick and am finally doing good enough to code! Expect some changes very soon and a bunch of updates where necessary! .

Expect some awesome competitive sales coming from our affiliate! Cheers!
Tweaks and changes.

Ver: 1.76b
Date: June 16, 2015

Hello all o/

Still having my stomach issue but it is seemingly getting better. We were recently blacklisted and un-blacklisted from the in-game browser. More information can be found in the forums. We have also made some more upgrades to the back end for the bankers to help with CPU usage when hiring a mass of new bankers, which should occur soon =]

Site changes:
- Made some changes to how the quick deposit system works to help deter duplicate deposits that were occurring for some users and bankers.

The Grid:
- Coding for the grid has commenced and you should be able to see changes on the page that is under construction =] The first thing you will notice there is the junk box, which will be useful for any of the games already on the site.

Thanks again to all of the community for helping us out with the blacklist. Now that we are back online, I am moralized and back to coding! The next update should include our garbage collector which should take us a step closer to being able to hire many more bankers. Cheers!
Security Updates and 2 Quadrillion!

Ver: 1.75b
Date: March 13, 2015

Hello all o/

On some new meds (antibiotics) and it seems to be helping! Some recent changes are listed below which help with security and the preventing of DDoS attacks as well as some better service speeds from IwantISK.com!

Two Quadrillion Awarded!:
- We have recently reached a 2 quadrillion ISK awarded milestone setting us as the official #1 gambling website of the EVE online universe.
- To thank you for playing with us this whole time we have permanently DOUBLED the speed at which the stellar pool rises WITHOUT increasing cuts to the house, allowing players even more leverage with which to gamble. We have noticed an increase in traffic with this increase in prizes!

The Grid:
- Coding on the grid halted for about a week while the security was being upgraded but we should be back on track now!.

Recent DDoS and accounts locked:
Recently we were being attacked via DDoS which ultimately causes the website to crash in order to fulfill the goal of denying service of a website to users. We have now placed our site behind cloudflare.com's services which protect you from basic DDoS attacks for free! Great service! Check it out =]. We MIGHT see some attacks still but we now have more control over how much security we want the website to go through. Too much security can hurt legit users in the sense that it can deny access to the website. If you have any similar issue please contact us so that we can try to get you sorted back on to the site.

Some users may experienced locked accounts due to these attacks. We are working on ways to maintain security and make sure that accounts do not get completely banned when they do get banned. This issue is being addresses and we have been unlocking accounts manually until it is cleared.

Raffle Changes and upcoming grid beta!

Ver: 1.71b
Date: March 03, 2015

Hello all o/

I am feeling better from my stomach (still not great but better). My coding speeds have slowed down but only because I have to focus on my health which is great practice and everyone should avoid sitting for too long!

- Set the maximum raffles allowed to 24.
- Strike that ^. Max raffkes set at 36.
- Removed bug from raffle creator script that would cause more raffles to be created after a site crash.

The Grid:
- Coding continues on The Grid.
- Coding for the Junk Box in the grid is underway. Junk box will be a way to keep all of your junk found on the grid in one place to either sell or save to find secret combinations that produce awesome items you can sell for more ISK!

Recent Crashes:
Recently we received some DDoS Attacks which are attacks that attempt to deny the service of our website to the world. We have looked into some services to deter this activity as well as performing an investigation to pinpoint the attack to help deter future attacks. Nothing about this attack will damage your account on IWantISK.com or EVE online. The only inconvenience is that the site will go down for a few hours to absorb the attack.

If these attacks continue we will code other security measures to make sure these attacks do not interrupt your gaming experience on IwantISK.com .

Bug fixes & changes!

Ver: 1.7b
Date: October 24, 2014

Hello all o/

This report covers some serious exploits found and fixed as well as some changes to odds on raffles and other fixes for an improved experience.

- Added more items to raffles.
- Added a tiered banking system to help increase the speed at which deposits and deliveries are made.
- Changed login landing page to raffles for convenience and to reduce login times.

- Duplicates on raffles are now twice as common, with a proportionate increase in cut giving no expense or profit to IwantISK.com.
- Updated intro raffle image to display the new permanent double and duplicate odds.

- Added shift system to quick deposits for fairer banking in quick deposits.
- Added a price suggestion system for bankers to change prices on items to correct values, using a voting system that requires multiple bankers to process a price change.
- Wages calculation automated.
- Fixed bug that would cause a white screen for bankers claiming deliveries while not on shift.
- Fixed exploit in quick deposits banker section that would allow a banker to process fake quick deposits that would still become authorized. (not publicly found)
- Fixed Exploit that allowed bankers to process deposits bigger than the amount allowed by their collateral wallet. (not publicly found)

- Fixed a serious exploit that ultimately allowed a user to end a raffle prematurely with only one ticket, forcing the raffle to award before selling all blocks. (not publicly found)

I am glad you guys are loving the site! We have scratched the MonoGrid game idea we had planned and are now working to design a much more advanced version of the grid we used to have! =]
New Feature and Some Fixes

Ver: 1.6b
Date: September 21, 2014

Hello all o/

We have added the promo code redemption section so that we can give out prizes in all sorts of social medias and sponsored events! We also went through and fixed some issues to help the site function better overall.

- Added promo code redemption system. Great for acquiring free ISK from our promotions!.
- Upgraded server to adjust for increased traffic and traffic spikes.
- Fixed some issues with slots not being able to auto-spin in game. We are also looking into the same issue in Internet Explorer 9.
- Fixed an issue that was not allowing players to level up accordingly while using the EVE in-game browser.

On we go with the updates! =]
Bug Fixes!

Ver: 1.5b
Date: July 28, 2014

Hello all o/

A few bug fixes have been made on bugs that have appeared after the migration to the new server. These bugs are explained below.

- Changed password recovery system. Our PHP upgrade caused an incompatibility with the browser within the game browser. This issue has been addressed and you may now reset your passwords again.
- Changed the way Apache works on our system. You should now no longer have times of the day where you cannot log in.
- Added new banking system to help bankers be more efficient and it also allows us to hire more bankers at once. We will also be looking in to upgrading this further to make even more fair to bankers.

- We have been working on all games overall. One game that could be coming out soon that isn't listed in the "coming soon" section will be a mixture of our old classic "The Grid" with Monopoly style gaming. Look forward to that as it will also accept tokens for the entry fee!

Good luck all!
Few Addons, Some Mods & Migration!

Ver: 1.45b
Date: July 03, 2014

Hello all o/

Lots of progress has been made in the last few days and we are excited! We migrated servers and have drastically increased speeds to the site as well as increasing security to help maintain the site a safe place. Below are a few more details in regards to this upgrade. Enjoy your read!

- Changed password recovery system. You must now log in after resetting password.
- Upgraded from PHP 5.2.17 to 5.5 for increased efficiency and security.
- Migrated hosts to a more efficient and faster server.

- Raffles: Disabled showing of duplicate raffles until after the raffle ends. Duplicates still awarded instantly
- Raffles: Added slider for purchasing percentage of raffles at once. Still working some quirks out on this.
- Slots: Changed the achievement requirements for most slot machines, decreasing the difficulty of acquiring loops.

We should be experiencing some small aesthetic bugs here and there from the transition so please report bugs as you see them. This recent change of servers allows us to make the more advanced games we were planning on making without having to worry too much about the CPU not being able to perform.

Good luck all!
Raffle Percentage Button

Ver: 1.4b
Date: May 08, 2014

Hello all o/

We have been working on some CPU efficiency modifications to help reduce lag due to increased traffic. On top of that we have added a few new slot machines and a new feature to the raffles!

- Added a button with a slider that allows you to set a preferred percentage to buy from each raffle.

Slot Machines:
- Added slot machine Planetarium. This machine is built to award many minigames
- Added slot machine Ice Miner. This machine is a long term machine, awarding bigger prices more rarely.

CPU Efficiency:
- We are looking in to other changes that will help reduce lag.
- We are currently not calculating profits to help reduce lag. Profit calculations will be enabled very soon

Good luck all!
Stellar Pool & Huge Prizes

Ver: 1.346b
Date: March 30, 2014

Hello all o/

We can't deny there has been lots of success to iwantisk.com, and to follow up with the success, we have drastically increased leader board prizes and we have also added an ISK pool called the "Stellar Pool" that comes out of our pockets, to help give ISK back to the players!.

- About a week or two ago we tweaked the leader board prizes to a much higher standard. Good luck to all players!

Stellar Pool:
- Added an ISK pool called the Stellar Pool.
- Still working on the results generator and results page but that should definitely come in sooner than the pool ends.
- To enter pool, simply gamble as you normally would. Every 10 mil you gamble you get a free entry!
- Max entries defaults at 1,000 but can be increased by 10 x (your current level).
- 60 winners per pool.
- Pool ends after the timer runs out.
- You may enter with multiple characters that have made at least one deposit in their lives.

Good luck to all! Gamble responsibly!
Bug Fixes

Ver: 1.146b
Date: March 14, 2014

Hello all o/

We have released another update to the site that helps maintain accuracy across all games and transactions. There is also some old news, like the addition of the "Gallentean Rebel" slot machine but it never had its own change log appearance.

Changes and fixes:
- Added slot machine "Gallentean Rebel" which requires level 12 to play and costs as much as Mineralz to play. Awards carriers!
- Improved quick deposits for admin to help deter overpaying withdrawals.
- added a few new items to raffles. (new eve drones coming soon)
- Corrected some typos in the terms of service.

Critical Bugs:
- Fixed bug that would sometimes cause duplicates (gift icon) not to award correctly.
- Fixed bug that would cause some raffles to abruptly end without selling all entries, sometimes awarding to an empty slot.
- Fixed bug that would cause some raffles to entirely award twice.
- Fixed bug that would cause raffles to hang on the board without awarding and being left with 0 to -2 entries.
- Fixed bug on quick deposits that sometimes caused the same deposit to process twice for a user.

Thanks again all of you for playing! Expect some exciting new updates now that we have these bugs out of the way.

Achievement Loops will soon be usable as entries to a game that does not yet exist!

Good luck to all players in EvE and in iWantISK.com!
Raffle Doubles chances Doubled!

Ver: 1.145b
Date: February 14, 2014

Hello all o/

The chances to get doubles on the raffles has been doubled from 1:20 to 1:10. The cut has also increased a bit to cover this but it seems the higher chance of doubles makes the raffles more fun to play! Please submit your feedback if you would like us to know your opinions ;).

Voice your opinion on our forums! You can find the link for it in our 'Extras' dropdown.
Performance Overhaul!

Ver: 1.14b
Date: February 13, 2014

Hello All o/

We have been hard at work on the performance of the site to help reduce lag and we have successfully made some great changes! With this out of the way, we can focus on other great features for the site.

Raffles changed as follows:
- Added over 200 items to raffles and more coming soon!
- Changed the price range to include items as small as 500k ISK randomly.

Slots changed as follows:
- ISK Cargo slots have been re-scaled to provide bigger wins for common combinations, and reduced large wins.
- Changing ISK Cargo in this manner will help us determine what type of slot machine is more fun to play.

Site changed as follows:
- Improved prize claim window aesthetics by making sure rows don't grow, making claiming items look buggy.
- Drastically improved CPU performance by indexing users by active and inactive users.

Becoming inactive would require that you do not log in to the site for over 6 months. To become active again all you have to do is log in and play on something on the site. Being inactive does not mean you will not win a raffle if it for some reason lasts for over six months which is highly unlikely.

Our next few updates will be tying up some string across the site and fixing any other bugs that pop up. Production of the Stellar Pool will be started soon and we will see a pool of ISK given out in the form of a lottery to 100 winners once per week! Get ready for some huge prizes!

Good luck to all!
Slot Machine Patch & Changes

Ver: 1.13b
Date: February 06, 2014

Hello all o/

We have changed the pay scale of the slot machines and have removed a bug that ultimately was causing us to gain more cut than we were supposed to.

Changing the pay scale allowed us to place larger jackpots on the slot machines (now all are in the billions) and allowed us to increase the prizes of every combination with a slight increase to the odds of acquiring said combination.

Slots were changed as follows:
- Second reel on slots has had all wild symbols replaced with other symbols.
- Pay-scale was changed to make slots more lucrative and worthwhile.
- Jackpots were also increased and may still receive some tweaking to the increments added per click.

Other changes include:
- Lowered level requirements for scratchcards to help use up the immense quantities of tokens gained in raffles.
- Fixed a bug that caused users not to be able to remove the intro image from the raffles page by clicking a raffle at the bottom.
- Fixed a bug that could have caused timeouts of the purchase script for raffles to not award the winner with a raffle.
- Looking in to enhancements for performance so lag becomes less of an issue. Things like garbage collection and code compacting.

Good luck to all! Onward to the next upgrade! And don't forget to try the slots now! You will be surprised =]
Raffles Have Arrived!

Ver: 1.12b
Date: February 03, 2014

Hello All o/

The raffles have arrived! EVE online Raffles

Raffles have some pretty awesome features that are all explained when you first enter into the raffle's pages. Completely real time and the only reason to refresh will be to claim your prizes =].

Raffle Features
- 1:20 raffles award double!
- another 1:20 raffles award a duplicate gift equal to the raffle.
- There are also other gifts you can find in the raffles like Experience and Tokens.
- Raffles are selected by the system and placed on the board to be played.
- More will be added to raffles and slots soon!

While we keep an eye on raffles to see how they work, we will be working on performance tweaks and eye candy for raffles! Expect some changed for leader boards and some improvements on the slots and how they payout!
Monthly PLEX Winners!

Ver: 1.02b
Date: January 07, 2014

Hello all o/
We have been hard at work completing the foundation of the site which is very important before raffles come out. Here is a list of the most recent changes, one of the best being the prizes that are automatically awarded at the end of every month on the monthly leaderboards.

You can find the monthly leaderboards here.

- Updated code error that allowed any user to withdraw any amount above their account balance, as long as they had 10 mil in their account.
- Added PLEX and ISK prizes to the monthly leaderboards
- Added a link to our eve-online forum in the extras dropdown.
- Added a past winners section in the leaderboards dropdown for bragging rights!
- Added an indicator to the extras dropdown that lets you know when there has been an update to the change log.

We will soon be adding more leaderboards like EXP gained for the month as well as most losses! =]. Raffles have a lot of their code almost finished as well as their aesthetics so they are getting ever closer! Expect them in soon!
Slots Improve with auto-spin!

Ver: 1.01b
Date: January 01, 2014

Slots have undergone a bit of a CPU efficiency look through and some changes have been made improve performance for slots. We also added an auto-spin feature for the slots so that you don't have to sit there and hit spin all the time!

You may also notice the mailing list link under the Extras dropdown. The mailing list can be joined in the eve-browser in the game. It will be an EVE mailing list. Lots of awards and information can be acquired here as well as on the Facebook Page!
Change-log and Extras!

Ver: 1.0b
Date: December 30, 2013

Added new drop down menu called Extras

This menu holds links to a few new foundational sections of the site that are quite necessary for optimal function. We have added the link to the chat room, a link to our mailing list will soon be added for those of you that like to know exactly when events occur, and this change-log to let everyone know what is going on in the back end of the site.

Next Update
For the next coming update there should be a few changes to the leader boards to help determine winners for the month as well as saving those winners for a display of the previous month's rankings. We expect to award a PLEX for each top rank as well as 100 million ISK for each other person from 2 - 10 of each list. This means each list will award 1.5 billion ISK every month. We will also be adding the mailing list system to the site so that you can register for it at your discretion.

As we continue to roll out the upgrade after the release of iWantISK, you could expect some errors to popup. None of these errors will cause any issues with your account nor will it cause you to lose any ISK. Raffles can be expected to come out soon. The best way to tell would be to get in to the mailing list or check here in the change log.

I want ISK Corp

iWantISK.com Rolling Release

Ver: 1.0b
Date: December 23, 2013

This marks the beginning of iWantISK.com's rolling release. This release has launched with slot machines and scratchcards as well as some other features like achievements, and basic leader boards.

Good luck to all!